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Glass Iced Tea Pitcher Iced Tea Pitcher Pot Head Mug
Pot Head Mug
Glass Iced Tea Pitcher

Brew and serve iced tea in elegance.

Price: $40.00

48 oz

Iced Tea Pitcher

Quickly make refreshing iced tea.

Price: $30.00

2 Quarts

Pot Head Mug

Enjoy your favorite tea in your new favorite mug.

Price: $10.00

Matte Black Ceramic | 12 oz

Pot Head T-Shirt Tea Soda Syrup White Gaiwan
White Gaiwan
Pot Head T-Shirt

Love the leaf? Show it with this cheeky "tea" shirt.

Price: $18.98

Tea Soda Syrup

A refreshing new way to enjoy your tea.

Price: $17.00-$25.00

White Gaiwan

Modern version of very old, very traditional Chinese tea-brewing devices - excellent for full-leaf teas!

Price: $12.00

White Ceramic | 6 oz

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Send for birthdays, weddings, showers, really any occasion will do. Available in any amount - not redeemable for cash.

Available in any amount.