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Bell Teapot Bell Glass Teapot Digital Tea Timer
Bell Ceramic Teapot

FORLIFE teapot with removable stainless-steel infuser and lid.
Available in 16oz and 26oz.

Price: $31.75 - $39.50

16oz. or 26oz.

Bell Glass Teapot

FORLIFE teapots with removable stainless-steel infuser and lid.
Available in 14oz and 24oz.

Price: $28.50 - $37.00

14oz. or 24oz.

Digital Tea Timer

Forget to pull your tea leaves out? This timer will remind you!

Price: $8.00

Gravity Brewer Paper Tea Infusers Pot Head Mug
Pot Head Mug
Gravity Brewer

BPA-free infuser makes it easy to brew tea. Just set on top of your cup and the tea pours freely from below.

Price: $21.00


Paper Tea Infusers

These convenient, unbleached paper tea sachets give your leaves room to open.

Starting at $5.50 per 100 bags

Mug Size | Pot Size

Pot Head Mug

Enjoy your favorite tea in your new favorite mug.

Price: $10.00

Matte Black Ceramic | 12 oz

Pot Head T-Shirt Silicone Cups Stainless Steel Infuser
Silicone Cups
Pot Head T-Shirt

Love the leaf? Show it with this cheeky "tea" shirt.

Price: $22.00

Silicone Cup

Silicone tumblers

Price: $10.00

Stainless Steel Infuser

Reusable stainless steel infuser does not change the flavor of your tea.

Price: $19.00

Reusable Tea Infuser Basket Reusable Tuffy Steeper White Gaiwan
Tuffy Steeper
White Gaiwan
Tea Infuser Basket

Reusable basket style infuser allows tea leaves to fully open during brewing.

Price: $10.50

Tuffy Steeper

Collapsible infuser perfect for travel and tea on the go.

$10.50 each

Mug Size

White Gaiwan

Modern version of very old, very traditional Chinese tea-brewing devices - excellent for full-leaf teas!

Price: $12.00

White Ceramic | 6 oz

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Send for birthdays, weddings, showers, really any occasion will do. Available in any amount - not redeemable for cash.

Available in any amount.