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<span class="prod_head">Black Wolf</span> <span class="prod_head">Dancing Dragon Ripe Puerh</span> <span class="prod_head">Dehong Ye Sheng Raw Puerh</span>
Black Wolf

This rich and dark blend is perfect as a naturally sweet after dinner tea or as a creamy latte.

$10.60 per 2 oz.


Dancing Dragon Ripe Puerh

The vanilla-like notes of sarsaparilla and honeybush, and chocolatey accents of roasted mate complement this blendís ripe/cooked puerh base.

$6.60 per 2 oz.


Dehong Ye Sheng Raw Puerh

A full-bodied raw puerh with notes of grapefruit and smoke. 2013 cakes, made exclusively for The Jasmine Pearl.

$19.80 per 3.5 oz cake

<span class="prod_head">Silver Hare Mountain Raw Puerh</span> <span class="prod_head">Winter Puerh</span> <span class="prod_head">Yong De Ripe Puerh</span>
Silver Hare Raw Puerh

A delicately sweet, light-bodied Raw Puerh with hints of stone-fruit, miso, and straw.

$36.00 per tuocha

Winter Puerh

A Chai-inspired, loose-leaf aged puerh blend with house-roased whole spices for a hearty, spicy brew with a subtle sweetness and creamy finish.

$8.00 per 2 oz.


Yong De Ripe Puerh

An earthy tea with notes of leather and sea. A very special 2013 cake, made exclusively for The Jasmine Pearl.

$19.80 per 3.5 oz cake

Puerh Tea