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'Peaceful Places Portland' offers holiday shoppers quiet moments

December 15, 2012
#3 Peaceful Place: The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants
"The light and airy shop serves free samples of several kinds of tea and, the website promises, 'your own personal retreat' a ritual of simplicity, intention and taste."

1859 Oregon Magazine

Outstanding Local Tea Makers

November, 2012
The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants 1859 Pick: Earl Grey Lavender

Portland Tribune

Portland's Best Kept Secret 2012

June 7th, 2012
"Inside a former bakery - a gorgeous building with a tower and a row of white brick arches - Jasmine Pearl is a great place to expand your knowledge of tea. You just have to find it. Follow the sandwich boards from Sandy Boulevard, and you'll arrive at a friendly shop where owner Chuck Bauman will personally brew you a sample of any variety you chose."

Portland Tribune

Tea stakes claim in coffee mug land

From the Temple of Cosmic Reflections in Lan Su Chinese Garden to the Tea Court at the Heathman Hotel, the ceremonies of tea are alive and well in Portland.

November 2011

By Anne Marie DiStefano

"(At The Jasmine Pearl) The tea-smelling station here is fun and easy to use, with color coding, the tea's name, and pricing on each canister. Better still, owner Chuck Bauman will personally brew you a sample of any variety you choose, and talk you through the process.

I was immediately struck by the aromas of something called sticky rice Puher, a traditional tea from Yunnan Province, China, scented with an herb that is strangely reminiscent of sweet and floral sticky rice. A few minutes later I had a cup in my hands."
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Fresh Cup Magazine

Palate Power

Developing tasting abilities can help boost your shop - and your passion.

September 2011
By Dan Leif

"It's true that the journey from tasting novice to full-blown connoisseur is a long one, but taking steps to build your own abilities need not be daunting. The first thing to keep in mind is that as long as you have a sense of smell, you can learn to detect flavors at a nuanced level. 'I always tell people it's just a matter of experience,' says Heather Agosta, co-owner of Portland Ore., retailer Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants."
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Fresh Cup MagazineThe Oregonian

SBA gives 16 small local firms a big boost.

By Jonathan Brinckman, The Oregonian

"Sixteen owners of Portland small businesses with a high potential to grow -- and add employees -- have won a prize intended to help both them and the local economy: An intensive business course offered, for free, by the federal government. The 16 companies, ranging from a furniture maker in Southeast Portland to a tea merchant in North Portland, will be introduced at 10 a.m. today by local, state and federal officials at the Port of Portland's headquarters."
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Fresh Cup MagazineFresh Cup Magazine

Chai Times

The classic Indian drink is mainstream - how are you setting yours apart?

May 2009
By Chris Ryan

"At The Naked Portafilter in Portland, Ore., owner Steve Lanphier serves a whole-leaf chai made from Portland tea merchants The Jasmine Pearl. He makes a performance out of every chai latte he serves, setting up an hourglass timer to track the chai's steeping time, then using an individual cup strainer in each drink. He steams the milk to create a thick layer of foam, then offers the customer a choice of sweeteners from organic pure cane sugar, agave and honey. I've gotten that drink, they know that it's really prepared just for them, Lanphier says..."
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Tea and Coffee Trade JournalTea and Coffee Trade Journal

The World of Tea Consulting

February 2009
By Wendy Komancheck

..."Looking through the UKERS directory, one can see a section listing tea consultants, but it's not often that one learns what tea consultants do on a daily basis. How do they help tea businesses start and grow? What different job duties do they perform? Who are the clientele that they work with? These are some questions posed to leading tea consultants.

Agosta's company consults with cafes, tea houses, restaurants, spas, clinics, natural markets and retail stores. They work with their clients on site, but they also host tea workshops and classes for business owners and the public at large. She says, We teach our clients how to evaluate teas through tasting and brewing instruction. We also teach basic tea education and advise on equipment purchasing, menu planning and we conduct trainings for their staff..."
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Portland Monthly Magazine

Best of the City 2008:

BEST CHAI TEA : Spella Caffe'

August 2008


"Ordering a chai at this little food cart takes time. But according to owner Andrea Spella, there's no other way. And if you've been put off by bad chain-store coffee-shop versions, rest assured Spella has given new life to this ancient hot (or cold) drink. Here's how he does it: First, he combines turbinado sugar or honey with three heaping teaspoons of dry, pan-roasted spices like cardamom, cloves, star anise, black pepper, and loose-leaf Assam tea (from local company Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants) in equal parts water and milk. Next, he uses an old piston-style espresso machine to steam the brew. Then it sits for three whole minutes. Only then will Spella pour the beverage through a sifter and into your lucky cup, using a "pour, swirl, pour, swirl" motion. At which point you'll knock back this utterly perfect drink in no time flat."
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The New York TimesThe New York Times

Beyond Tea and Crumpets in Portland

By Ceil Miller Bouchet
July 8, 2007 - Travel Section

"I found that Portlanders demand the best brew, wherever it's served. So I'm intrigued when local acquaintances, whispering of foot massage and fabulous tea in the same breath, encourage me to visit the Barefoot Sage on scruffy, bustling Hawthorne Boulevard. Full-length curtains drape the glass storefront from inside, but the place still looks suspiciously like a hardware store. Inside is a hushed and shimmering world where clients sipping tea blends like "jasmine harmony" [by The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants] recline on enormous plum-velvet sofas, toes soaking in terra cotta basins filled with hot water and rose petals..."
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